Field Studies

            For Field Studies, Sight Unseen has paired 13 furniture and interior designers with 13 creatives from the worlds of food, fashion, film, art, and music, inviting each duo to create a collaborative functional object together. The objects will be exhibited at OFFSITE, then sold on 1stdibs to benefit the charity of each pair’s choosing.

            The idea was to connect creatives across disciplinary boundaries so they could work outside their comfort zones, search for commonalities in their practices, and discover what interesting, unexpected ideas might result.

            201 Mulberry St.
            May 17-20, 2018


  1. Home Studios×Natasha Royt Stylist
  2. The Principals×Angel Olsen Musician
  3. Rafael de Cardenas×Mel Ottenberg Stylist
  4. Fernando Mastrangelo×Boyd Holbrook Actor
  5. Kelly Wearstler×Aimee Song Blogger
  6. Bower×Seth Rogen Actor
  7. Kelly Behun×Narciso Rodriguez Fashion Designer
  8. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio×Kaarem Fashion Designers
  9. Harry Nuriev×Liam Gillick Artist
  10. Thaddeus Wolfe×Ignacio Mattos Chef
  11. Christopher Stuart×Julia Dault Artist
  12. Wall for Apricots×Jason Schwartzman Actor
  13. Tyler Hays×Andrew Kuo Artist